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Members of the jewelry and fashion industries are doing their part to combat the viciousness of Covid-19. One such manner that is being implemented is the creation and distribution of masks for United States healthcare workers. The anticipated shortage of these masks puts the professionals in the fray at risk as the number of infections rises throughout the country.

People have taken to social media like Facebook. Together these good samaritans have created sewing circles and crafting groups. JoAnn Fabrics is one of the companies that has stepped in to help, urging citizens to help with the high demand of masks in the United States. JoAnn Fabrics, among other companies, have popped up all over the internet with tutorial videos on how to sew these masks together. 

On March 23rd, Manos Phoundoulakis from Omi Privé and his wife Kelly posted a GoFundMe with a goal of $750 to purchase fabrics and shipping for hundreds of masks that the couple has been creating from their home. As of today, the couple has made almost $7,500. You can donate to their effort here.

“Like many of you who are either self-isolating or live in a city where mandatory stay-at-home restrictions are in place, we are feeling overwhelmingly helpless as we watch the numbers of infected and casualties rise daily all over the world,” wrote the couple on their page. “In an effort to offer something that could truly be of use, we bought a sewing machine and a bunch of fun fabrics and decided to YouTube it and learn how to make face masks…. These masks are good enough and better than nothing. They can also be worn over a more industrial mask that cannot be washed, as these are made of tight-knit cotton and definitely can be washed.”

Much of the fashion industry has taken up the torch of providing help in any way it can. An example includes the Italian designer brand, Prada has begun to produce 80,000 medical overalls and 110,000 face masks. The NYC fashion brand Pyer Moss has transformed its office into a medical supplies donation center.

Information sourced originally from JCK.