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Fashion and beauty influencer, Olivia Palermo sat down for an interview with The List to discuss summer fashion tips and what to do with summer clothes when fall approaches.

Palermo was asked what her favorite summertime accessories are, to which she said, "I would definitely agree that sunglasses are a little bit of an obsession. They can finish an outfit and also hide a multitude of sins! This summer, I am loving my beach bags. The Italian brand Le Nine has taken the humble beach bag to another level, and they take you from day to night. Lastly, a great hat — I always struggle, as I have a small head; one size does not fit all. They are hard to pack, so I always have my eyes open wherever we [she and husband Johannes Huebl] are on vacation when checking out the local stores and markets. Over the years, I have tried on many, many hats with not much success."

When asked for any hacks to remove stains from white clothes, Palermo suggested, "Salt is my go-to immediately for any oil-based sauce or dressing splashes. Also rinse the garment as quickly as possible in water, as it stops the stain from "setting." A Tide pen stain remover is also really good, as you can be super specific and careful about where you use it on the garment. The LG Signature Washer/Dryer is fantastic at handling pretty much anything you may get on your clothes. It has this intuitive auto-dosing function that detects how soiled or stained my clothes are and automatically dispenses the correct amount of detergent. This not only cleans my clothes efficiently, but it [also] protects them and is great for the environment."


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When asked if she has any tips for storing summer clothing, Palermo said, "I tend to hang everything except knits. I use the black, skinny velvet hangers that are sturdy enough to hold their shape but don't take up too much space in your wardrobe. Knitwear I fold, as even the lightest knit will stretch if it hangs for too long. When packing, I mix up folding and rolling to save space. Twice a year, I pack away my winter/summer clothes, which is a great way to edit your wardrobe. If you realize you have packed away, unpacked, and packed away something without wearing it, it is probably time to hand it on to someone who will wear it."

Information originally sourced from The List.