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Victoria's Secret's new Fantasy Bra can now be adorned with lab-grown diamonds fromAtelier Swarovski, having previously been covered in natural diamonds and other kinds of gems. According to the CEO of Ada Diamonds, Josh Payne, Victoria's Secret had initially decided that they want their lingerie to be set with man-made stones, contacting several lab-grown


The bra also features what the company calls “responsibly sourced topaz” from sources in Brazil and Sri Lanka, as well as the lab-grown stones. There are 2,100 created diamonds, weighing a total of 71.05 cts., with a pear-shape 2.03 ct. stone occupying the center of the design. According to a statement issued by Atelier Swarovski, It took a total of 930 hours for four craftsmen to construct this new bra.

In addition, the statement has valued the bra at around $1million. This price may reflect the bargain that these stones are known for since previous natural diamond bras were going for $15 million.