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Diamond expert and gemologist Grant Mobley has make a prediction that Queen Elizabeth II will pass down her Botswana Flower brooch to Harry and Meghan's baby. 

According to what Mobley said to, "There are many heirlooms among the Queen’s impressive jewelry collection, but the Botswana Flower brooch is a frontrunner as a potential piece to be handed down to the soon-to-arrive royal baby. Given to the Queen by the President of Botswana in 2007, the elegant brooch features 11 stunning pear-shaped natural diamonds set in yellow gold."



So what will the Queen pass onto 3-year old Princess Charlotte? Mobley suggests that a piece that has some connection to her granddaughter will be chosen, like The Maple Leaf brooch that was loaned to the Duchess of Cambridge.

"The Maple Leaf brooch is another piece with rich royal history," said Mobley. "First worn by the Queen Mother on her first visit to Canada in 1939, and then by the Queen in 1951, it was loaned to the Duchess of Cambridge for her first Canadian tour in 2011," says Mobley. "The stunning brooch, fully encrusted with natural diamonds has become a staple piece for the royal family while visiting Canada."

All information originally sourced from Marie Claire.