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After an 18-month contract as executive director at The Canadian Jewellers Association, Brian Land has decided to depart from his position. Instead, he will stay on as a freelance writer for the CJA. Land's 20 years of senior management experience in the retail industry made him an obvious choice last year when he was hired.

Following his departure, a press release was issued by CJA Board of Directors Chairman Marco Miserendino, praising Land for the assistance he brought to the association: “Brian Land was engaged primarily to assist in managing the amalgamation of the Canadian Jewellers Association with Jewellers Vigilance Canada. The knowledge and skill he brought ... was of great assistance. The successful completion of that assignment now enables both Brian and the association to determine and pursue their respective future directions.”

Carla Adams, one of the CJA's managers will be filling in the executive director role until the association can find a replacement.

Information originally sourced from National Jeweler