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In an interview with GQ, Emily in Paris star Lucas Bravo discusses the big twist in season 3 as well as the writing process of the show's creator as a whole.

When the topic of the big season 3 twist came about, Bravo was asked if he's often aware of the big plot twists when they happen, to which he said, "Darren is famous for writing the episodes as we're shooting because he likes to get inspired by what he sees in Paris. So everything is written as we shoot, and we get everything last minute. He likes that process to keep us on edge. We never want us to be comfortable."


When asked what he thought when he first read the script for season 3, Bravo said, "I was shocked. There was this entire phase at the beginning of the season where I didn't know where Gabriel was going. He's been kind of tiptoeing left and right. He shifted overnight and I didn't know why. Darren came up to me and he was like, 'Gabriel is not going to be sad and melancholic and lost. He's going to go for his restaurant, the name on the door, the Michelin star. He's going to get proactive.' And I was like, 'But why? What's the shift?' [Darren said,] 'You won't know until the end.'

So I had to act a new version of Gabriel, a more mature version, really owning up to things without knowing why. And by the end, I got the grand finale and I was like, 'Oh, that's why. He's going to be a father, so he wants to create a world around it.'"

While Emily in Paris is marketed towards women, Bravo expressed that it has something to offer men as well, saying, "Well, it's as close as it gets to Fast and Furious. I think the same way I fell in love with Sex and the City, there's always something to learn in that kind of show. Watching a show like this helps you understand one side of what's in women's heads. One tiny side, because there's a lot going on, and we couldn't start to understand with our prehistoric brain what's going on into a woman's brain. 



"When I watched Sex in the City, there's a lot of things I didn't know. And it's part of why I loved it. As you grow up in a patriarchal society with toxic masculinity, nobody tells you what women think and what they feel and what is right or wrong sexually or in a relationship. And to see it in a show that is so honest and unapologetic is a good teacher. So to begin to understand women, maybe we need to enjoy what they entertain themselves with."

Information originally sourced from GQ.