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In Austin, Texas there rests a renowned jewelry retailer known as Eliza Page. This year marks a decade and a half in the industry, as the company along with collaborators, designed 15 unique pieces to mark the occasion. Frequent partners of Eliza Page include Shaesby (Austin, TX), ILA (Houston, TX)Jamie Joseph (Seattle, WA), Zoe Chicco (LA, CA), and Julez Bryant (Orange Country, CA). Each designer contributed to the project, in celebration of the downtown Austin shop that opened back in 2004.

Eliza Page was one of the first stores in downtown Austin to witness the changes from their 2nd Street location. "Since the 2nd Street District began in 2004, Eliza Page was the first retail tenant to open and remains an integral part of what makes the district a thriving retail destination today," said Taylor Bowen of AMLI.



"I am grateful to be a part of downtown Austin and to be able service jewelry-loving locals and tourists with a wonderful jewelry experience," said 

Elizabeth Gibson, the founder and store owner in the press release. "From a retail perspective, we've seen the customer evolve since we've been in business. When we first opened our doors, the downtown shopper was looking for on-trend fashion-oriented jewelry and accessories. Today, our customer is much more diverse. We still have locals coming downtown to shop with us, but with the popularity of Austin and the growth of the downtown area, our shoppers literally come from all over the world," she continued. "Many are looking for original designs with a focus on jewelry that is intentional, made ethically and with sustainability in mind. Our customer wants jewelry that is meant to withstand seasonal or fashion trends."

Gibson is a prevalent fixture in both the Austin and jewelry communities, founding the Women's Jewelry Association (WJA) as well as running this independent retail jewelry store. Eliza Page still resides at its 2nd Street location in Austin, and its stellar inventory of jewelry pieces can be accessed on Find a bevy of jewelry collections including talismans, cuff bracelets, rings, earrings, and other signature pieces.

Information originally sourced from PRNewswire.