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Pietra is an e-commerce platform that has recently launched a year-long fellowship dedicated to the aid of black-owned businesses in the fashion industry. Founder Ronak Trivedi's goal with this newest project is to help 20 black entrepreneurs rise in the jewelry industry and more.

In interviews with Who What Wear, members of the fellowship discussed why they started their own jewelry business:

"My first distinctive memory of jewelry was receiving an 18K gold locket from my grandparents for Christmas," said fellowship member Sarah Fleet on how she first got into jewelry as well as why she started her business. "I was maybe 5, but so enamored with it. It felt almost holy to me. Next was my mother's heirloom sapphire ring, which I eventually inherited. I'm the type of person to want to wear the same pieces daily, and it was hard to find something that was of really good quality and would last for a million wears but also wear like a T-shirt and jeans. I decided to fill that gap. Ultimate timelessness that makes sense with sweats as much as it does with couture."


When Pietra fellowship member Tiffany Daniels was asked about her first foray into the world of jewelry, she said "I've been in love with jewelry since I was a teenager. At the time, I had a knack for layering necklaces and wearing multiple rings on each hand, and now that I'm in my twenties, nothing has changed but the quality of the jewelry pieces! I wanted to start a jewelry business because I wanted to bring more Black representation to the jewelry industry, and I had a story I wanted to tell. I wanted to find a way to marry my two passions in life: fashion and science. I believe with my unique jewelry pieces sold to bring awareness and encouragement to lymphatic cancer research, I will accomplish that."


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"Jewelry—especially gold hoops and bangles—has always been a necessary part of my life," said Denise Moné of Mother Golden Jewelry on her initial love of jewelry. "In college, after transitioning from being recognized as a makeup artist, I wanted to create something meaningful to not only myself but others as well. This was when I realized how powerful and authentic my jewelry made me feel. Mother Golden Jewelry signifies the beauty and the goldenness I've discovered within myself not only as a Black woman but as a being. I dream the same for every being that lives. Jewelry is the physical representation of the amazingness I believe we all deserve to feel!"

Information originally sourced from Who What Wear.