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In a collaborative effort with New York-Based fashion stylist Dy'amond Breedlove, Dune Jewelry & Co. has launched two new collections on September 19th called LOVE 22 and Breedlove.

According to Holly Daniels Christensen, "diversity and a unique understanding of fashion and sentiment is key for Dune Jewelry."

The collections themselves are noted for their earrings, necklaces, rings, and the coveted Breedlove Brooch, all of which are made with high quality materials such as 14K gold vermeil and sterling silver.


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When talking of the influences for LOVE 22, Breedlove said, "this collection reflects who I am and what inspires me the most. It is influenced by music and fashion but was thoughtfully created to reflect the classic stylings of Paris, France, all of which have a piece of my heart."

When talking of the influences for Breedlove, Breedlove said, "Both name and designs are uniquely crafted which is an accurate depiction of my lifestyle and business. I allow myself to be creative and free, which helps me in numerous ways and provides an outlet for serenity and divine happiness."

About Dune Jewelry & Co. 

Founded in 2010 by kitchen table entrepreneur and travel lover Holly Daniels Christensen, Dune Jewelry & Co. creates fine Experiential Jewelry and Gifts using sand and earth elements from thousands of memorable locations around the globe.  Choose from Dune's Sandbank which holds over 5,000 locales or you can send your own.  All of Dune's patented designs are handmade in Dune's Boston studio using sand or elements from your favorite beach, golf course or ballpark, pressed flowers from a wedding or funeral, or soil from your favorite trail, the possibilities are endless! Dune's ocean inspired, unique custom and personalized collections are the perfect way to hold on to special moments forever allowing you to live for the moment, then take it with you. Their bespoke jewelry and gifts are the perfect time capsule for all of life's greatest moments. Dune ships to over 700 retail partners worldwide and offers a lifetime warranty and happiness guarantee on every design; plus, a portion of every purchase is proudly donated to important coastal and global causes.

All Information originally sourced from PRNewswire.