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Little known fact: Karl Lagerfeld wears his signature fingerless leather gloves so he may easily access all the jewels locked away a secret vault (in his evil genius lair?). That vault opens with fingerprint identification, natch! We couldn’t make this up if we tried.

And you thought those lambskin gloves were just a fashion statement!


Here at Fortrove, we side with Karl. We believe in the power of a well-thought out jewelry vault, inventoried with classic pieces, albeit on a smaller scale. We think investing in luxury is smart for two major reasons.

Luxury guarantees fine and everlasting quality. Only the best diamonds and precious stones are used in designer pieces. There is a standard that all pieces must meet.

Luxury holds its value. The actual retail cost of fine handbags and jewelry appreciates every year.

Cartier is a great example of this.

Cartier Panthere Pin

In 2009, I bought a beautiful medium flap classic Chanel bag for myself, as I bow to Coco and Karl.  My bag now sells for $2,000.00 more than I paid!

Here is our collection of fine handbags

Fortrove Hermes Birkin Bag

Jewelry is the same way. Your Cartier, your Tiffany, your Chanel Fine Jewelry. It will all stand the test of time in both quality and value.

Want to start that vault on a high note?

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