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Michelle Williams' stylist Kate Young was positive that her celebrity client would shine on the Golden Globe red carpet as she did back in September when she won an Emmy Award. The award was for her role as Gwen Verdon in FX's Fosse/Verdon. The category was "outstanding lead actress in a limited series or movie." So, of course, Young began work on Williams' next dress for the soiree.  


According to Young in an exclusive interview with The Hollywood Reporter“There’s always a hesitation about starting a dress [for an awards ceremony] when you don’t know if someone will be nominated, but after the Emmys it was sort of clear we would be back for the Globes. So we started talking to Louis Vuitton right after the Emmys; it wasn’t a rushed process.” Young had previously worked with Williams on roles since Brokeback Mountain’s 2005 release. 

As an avid and longtime supporter of the Louis Vuitton brand, Williams enlisted Young's expertise in crafting a custom dress for the Golden Globes that took inspiration from its 2020 spring collection. 

“The starting point is usually a show look,” explained Young. “Typically, I talk to the Louis Vuitton team about some element from the latest show — an embroidery, a drape or a color — and then we expand on that. They don’t show gowns usually, so I ask to work with a specific detail and make it into a gown, because I think it’s important that the look relate back to a collection.” 


Look #39 from the Spring 2020 collection was the inspiration for Young's design. The gown boasts a bright blue bow affixed to the shoulder of a silky orange affair. A white skirt completes the elegant piece. “We took the top of that look and made it into a gown. Michelle is someone who looks really great in color, and we’ve had really beautiful moments in the past with odd color choices. The drape and the color combination and the softness really felt like her,” said Young.  


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The structure of the dress was also informed by Williams' recent pregnancy announcement. Naturally, as Young is a mother of two, she went for "a softness that also contains, so the woman is still there.”

Information originally sourced from The Hollywood Reporter.