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Some of the world's best jewelry designers have found a way to commemorate Earth Day 2020 with projects of their own. They have used upcycled diamonds as well as reclaimed and repurposed gemstones to form collections. Other designers are doing custom redesigns for clients with heirloom and antique pieces. The designers explained their processes to Forbes:


Elizabeth Doyle/Doyle & Doyle

“Our Heirloom collection of engagement rings by Doyle & Doyle feature antique diamonds set into mountings that we design & build in New York city from recycled gold and platinum. We love the special charm of antique diamonds. They reflect and refract light differently, sending out more rainbow flashes and giving a warmer look than modern cut diamonds (which are cut with a focus on brilliance, white light). We also are drawn to the history of these stones. While we may not know the specifics, we do know what was happening historically when the cuts were popular. And we can imagine the different lives that each stone has touched over the years. And of course one of the most appealing aspects of an upcycled diamond is that we don't have to wonder about the toll it has had on the environment.”


Susan Cohen/Circa 1700

“The allure of using recycled diamonds as often as I can is not only reducing the carbon footprint of my pieces, but to embrace imperfection. Each stone is not symmetrical due to being hand cut by masters who did not have the tools, such as lasers, like we have today. That asymmetrical aspect of each stone makes them truly one of a kind and infuses a whimsical, off center element to a piece that just adds to its beauty.”


Anna Sheffield

“We use recycled metal in all of our designs. As for diamonds, all small—3 mm and less (white grey and champagne—all colors except for black diamonds—are part of our reclaimed melee program. For larger stones, we use old mine, cushion and old European cut diamonds as well as some rose cuts for our bridal rings. These larger diamonds are extremely difficult to find in the quality we like to work with; therefore these are all one-of-a-kind pieces which allow for creativity in settings and the beauty of individual character and personality of each diamond and each ring.”


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Jade Trau

"This restyle project was for a woman who came in and said, “I'm divorced now, but I am proud of my 25 year marriage and have no reason not to wear these diamonds. I just need to make them my own.' So, we made this ring and it felt like a perfect fit. It was also a dream to work with reclaimed stones as my collection is eco-conscious and  of the diamonds I work within in the collection are conflict free."

Information originally sourced from Forbes.