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Natalie Mills is a jewelry and accessory designer who is best known for her "Culture of Kindness." Her launching of The Kind Act Campaign is another way to spread joy to those in need during the holidays. Even with everything that has been happening in 2020, Mills is working to help in anyway she can during such difficult and complex times. The campaign itself gives participants the option of nominating someone kind in their lives. Every gesture of goodwill that this person has done, whether big or small, will enable them to be in the running for a $500 Target gift card from Natalie Mills herself.

"What I love most about the human mind, body and soul is our resilience to bounce back and the ability to stick together in times when we need it most. Spotlighting and sharing stories of people whom have shown true acts of kindness is, at the core, the heart of my company. I'm hoping his small token of appreciation for community members who have helped others in these trying times will in turn help brighten their holiday season," says Mills.

Natalie Mills has always been a fashion-forward fixture of the jewelry industry, giving women an accessible method of accessorizing while also giving back. An example includes Mills' "Culture of Kindness," which helped over 1,000 brides who had their wedding plans affected by the COVID-19 crisis. The campaign donated jewelry that each bride would be able to wear during their weddings. The Natalie Gives Back program was an effort to provide meals to children in South Africa. Each meal would be funded with every purchase of jewelry. This latest campaign is just another step in Natalie Mills' philanthropic endeavors, as she has been consistently working to make a difference in the lives of others for some time, and shows no signs of stopping.

Leading into 2021, Mills plans to keep her latest campaign going throughout the next year, and hopes to help those who have been harshly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. If you would like to know more about her latest campaign, click here.

Information originally sourced from PRNewswire.