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In an interview with Fibre2Fashion, Jacynth Bassett, designer and founder of fashion label The Bias Cut, sat down to talk of sustainability in the industry.

When asked if her brand promotes sustainability and what modes are practiced, Bassett said, "Of course. As age-inclusive trailblazers, we are driving a new ageless, trendless mentality that focuses on an intergenerational approach and view of fashion, and supports considered shopping habits focused on slow, sustainable fashion. We are committed to educating and encouraging consumers to adopt that mentality, and we are constantly assessing and improving our practices with a view to supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

"Our current initiatives include: our Cost-Per-Wear Calculator (a simple tool on every product page that helps customers make smarter, more considered purchases); detailing our designers’ sustainability and ethical commitments on each product page; carbon offsetting as per UK government orders; active recycling and using sustainable packaging; charity collaborations; and working with local schools, colleges and universities to offer mentorship, internships and experience."

"I can’t remember not loving style and fashion," said Bassett when asked when her love of fashion began and what motivated her to start her brand. "I even remember picking out my favorite outfit for nursey picture day! At school, I was very academically focused, but fashion was always a form of escape for me. I used to adore flicking through Vogue, covering my notebooks in fashion photography, and I often attended fashion lectures in my spare time.



"My mother played a big role in my love for fashion: from a young age she showed me how fashion was a form of self-expression and taught me the value of investing in quality. We would regularly go on shopping trips, and she supported me in developing my personal sense of style. And her significance in my fashion journey continued to the point that she was my inspiration behind The Bias Cut. I had increasingly grown saddened and frustrated at how my mother was feeling alienated by the industry as she aged. I realized there was a need and demand to disrupt the fashion industry’s perception of age, and a gap for a brand that empowers women of all ages to embrace the best versions of themselves."
Information originally sourced from Fibre2Fashion.