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The De Beers diamond giant has officially introduced a brand new jewelry set with their very own lab-grown diamonds. As of right now, the line is exclusively made up of fashion jewelry such as pendants and stud earrings ranging in size between 1/4 and 1 carat. 

The Lightbox will initially be selling directly to consumers through online purchases, as buyers will be able to browse through diamonds of pink, blue or white colors. The fixed prices, regardless of the color of the diamonds, are $200 for a 1/4 carat; $400 for a 1/2 carat; $600 for a 3/4 carat and $800 for a 1-carat De Beers lab-grown stone.

According to the company's market research, they've concluded that this latest project is a benefit to themselves and their customers, who raved that the lab-grown diamonds are a “fun, pretty product that shouldn’t cost that much.” Find out more on the Lightbox Jewelry website