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Luxury jeweler David Yurman was recently awarded $1.5 million following a ruling in their favor by the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York. Thirty-one defendants with IP addresses located mainly in China, with some appearing in California and Michigan, were operating sites that sold counterfeit jewelry.

David Yurman had stepped in when the websites would use copyrighted images, trademarks, and URLs like” and “”

The court documents had revealed the Yurman brand was arguing that these sites have “significantly injured Yurman’s reputation and goodwill, and has diluted the distinctiveness of the famous Yurman Marks.”

President of David Yurman, Carol Pennelli issued a statement, saying ”We are pleased with the judgment and will continue to take aggressive action to protect our consumers, our designs and our trademarks. We will not tolerate infringers and counterfeiters in the marketplace regardless of where they operate.”

All similarly looking sites will be transferred over to the brand, and the court issued a permanent injunction prohibiting the defendants from selling any counterfeit David Yurman jewelry.

Information originally sourced from National Jeweler.