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Portland, Oregon's 11th annual Jewelry Symposium is scheduled to kick off late next month, touting a theme where “Craft Meets Technology: Keeping it Real in a Digital World.” The convention begins on September 30th, with one additional date on October 1st.

JCK’s Rob Bates will making his appearance on the opening evening, delivering a keynote speech during the commencement dinner. He will be addressing the advancement of technology in tandem with the changes the Jewelry industry will be facing in the long run.

A bevy of panels and bench demonstrations will be discussing methods of successful digital marketing as well as high-tech casting. 

On top of that, Professor Anne-Marie Carey of Birmingham City University will be sharing her experiences with the Museum of London, speaking about a joint project of digital excavation. Together, both Professor Carey and members of the museum have digitally reproduced hundreds of 17th century artifacts from the Cheapside Hoard discovery of 1912.

Metallurgists and 3-D resin casting experts as well as Ann Cahoon of the North Bennett Street School will be leading bench demonstrations followed by Q&A panels.

The future of the Jewelry Industry is alive with possibilities, and the 2018 Portland Jewelry Symposium will be a step forward into its next chapter.

Check out the Symposium's Website here.