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In an interview with POPSUGAR, costume co-designer for the Netflix show, Wednesday, Mark Sutherland, discusses his interpretation of the classic character and the Addams Family universe. 
When asked if there were specific things he was allowed to change in his interpretation of the character of Wednesday Addams, Sutherland said, “With the Christina Ricci character and the new Wednesday, it was really just bringing it into modern times but still keeping that similar vibe that Christina Ricci and Wednesday Addams had before so there's a connection from the past to the present. Also, with the fabrics and the prints, [our goal was] just trying to carry them through to the first time we see Wednesday Addams in this series and then moving forward from that — just as an initial transition from the Christina Ricci character to the Jenna [Ortega] character.” 

When asked if there were certain elements of the classic Wednesday look that stood out to him, Sutherland said, “Well definitely, for what we did, it's the classic black-and-white print dress with the white collar with the pigtails, and [it's] very conventional in its look. So initially, when you see that first image of her in Nancy Reagan [High School], you know who that is.  
“And it's that connection from the Christina [Ricci] Wednesday to the Jenna [Ortega] Wednesday, because you just see that image of her walking down the corridor. So it's basically using those similar prints that they used before but bringing it into more of a modern world.” 

When asked how the design of this modern Wednesday Addams was made to look unique, Sutherland said, “With her look, it has its own feel to it. Like, through Wednesday, through the journey that she does throughout the series, there are certain elements that she has to be quite stealth to get into spaces and be unnoticed. So when we were thinking about those costumes, we would illuminate the white part of it because she would have to be in darkness all the time and Tim [Burton] wanted her to be stealth.  


“I think Wednesday has more of a modern look now, and [we wanted to] just try to relate to that generation that is going to be watching her. And also, there's a lot of fashion within her costume. There are different labels that we use [like the character's Alaïa prom dress] and [we] integrated different things that we had and had stuff made. And then from a distance, it was great to see her big chunky trainers, stripey socks, [and] the stripey T-shirt. Whatever she was doing, she would always have some elements of Wednesday with her. 


“With Enid, [who] is so colorful, there's a complete separation between the two [characters]. And it was really important that [Wednesday] stood out from the crowd. Also, Jenna [Ortega] made those costumes work, just with her performance: the way she walks, the way she talks. And it was interesting, once you started putting the costumes on her, then Wednesday would appear.” 
Information originally sourced from POPSUGAR