In an interview with L'OFFICIEL Malaysia, fashion icon and content creator Chriselle Lim discusses fashion month, motherhood and more.


When asked for her most memorable moments during fashion month, Lim said, "It's been so amazing being back in New York, Milan and Paris for fashion week. The energy has been so exciting as this has been the first season where all the designers have shown their collections in person and most of the international KOLs and editors have attended since the pandemic. It’s been so wonderful seeing my friends again, friends that I haven’t seen for over 2 years. I will say that one of the biggest pleasures of being in the business that I am, are all the amazing friends that I have made from all over the world. Having friends in the industry is truly a blessing as we inspire each other to be creative and we all understand the hard work that goes on behind the scenes with the work that we do.


"With that said, the war in Ukraine however has created a blanket of somberness and I will say that designers and attendees struggled with finding ways to balance declarations of solidarity with the glamour and spectacle of the shows. However, it’s been amazing to see designers use their catwalks to show solidarity and offer heartfelt tribute to the people of Ukraine."


When asked for advice about how to navigate through social media, Lim said, "Surround yourself with people that you can trust and that can keep you grounded. Whether you are a social media influencer or you run your own business, invest in your team as your team will be your greatest asset. I've been so blessed to have found incredible business partners in my various business and I attribute so much of my success to the people that I’ve surrounded myself with. Also, have friends that don’t work within the social media realm.

"Working as a content creator is an all-consuming line of work and it is easy to start merging the realities of social media and the real world which is not always healthy. Friends that can get you off social media and off your phone are so important!"


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When asked if she learned any lessons from motherhood, Lim said, "Don’t cry over spilt milk (don’t sweat the small stuff)! The age-old idiom encourages us to let go of the little things -- there are bigger things that are worth our energy. When you become a mother, you learn that fretting over a small misstep isn't worth the effort it takes. This will help you find greater peace, joy, and harmony within yourself and your home."

Information originally sourced from L'OFFICIEL Malaysia.

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