Houston, Texas-based jewelry designer Kristen Fenrick is another bold business owner in a growing list that is using her brand to bring up those in need. Klearly Kristen was established five years ago after Fenrick and her best friend, then in abusive relationships, made a pact that their lives would change for the better. Tragically, her friend passed away, and while the designer is heartbroken, her resolve in keeping the pact they had made was fortified to be even stronger than before. Fenrick makes it a point to support other women in business and is a member of the Social Graces Social Club, a members-only outfit that promotes and showcases small businesses in the Houston area. 

In her interview with Houstonia Magazine, Fenrick was asked about the main influences of her designs as well as her most recent pieces of jewelry. “Other women that I work and collaborate with—making sure that the person I’m creating for can express herself," said Fenrick. "I’m always trying to interpret each individual and what message they are trying to convey with their style. Every person is very different; they can choose simplicity or living their life out loud. We all have a different way to communicate.” 

“We have a new line of necklaces that you can wear long or short in different layers, ones that you can adapt according to your mood, that are versatile; and a line of bracelets that we just incorporated with the same concept from the brand Erimish," she continued. "You can stack them with your own individuality. Pieces that have multiple purposes are key nowadays. You can dress them up or down; they are timeless but still trendy and fun.”



When Fenrick was asked by Houstonia on what's the next move as far as the company's future, she mentioned plans for pop-ups in major U.S. cities. “We are adding a new location in Pearland for the holiday season and exploring one in Atlanta, Georgia. We are also planning pop-ups in L.A., Chicago, and Miami," said Fenrick. "In addition, I’m developing a subscription model for distributors where they get access to an amount of jewelry per month, in exchange for a fee (from $29 to $59), that they can resell and keep the profits. It’s all about the easiness of subscription models.”

Information originally sourced from Houstonia.

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