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In an interview with The Daily Orange, streetwear fashion show host, and Complex journalist Chris "Speedy" Morman talks about style, fashion and more.

When asked who influenced his style when he was younger, Morman said, "I would say most of my influences came just from people around my neighborhood, born or raised in New York. You see other people that are fly, you see other people with good fashion sense and good taste, and so you automatically gravitate towards that. But then I was also lowkey inspired by my sisters just because both of them collected sneakers as well at that time, and you know, seeing them get the new Jordans, or the new Dunks or Air Force 1s or whatever, that kind of motivated me to get after it as well."


When asked what he'd do if Complex asked him to appear on "Sneaker Shopping," Morman said, "If I went on 'Sneaker Shopping' I’d probably buy as many pairs of just white Air Force Ones as they had in stock. Because this is the perfect shoe, and it’s the shoe I wear almost every day. I would buy 10 pairs of this shoe that I’m wearing right now. This white is the whitest they will ever be. Those that you have on are Air Max 97, like you can clean those right? And you’ll be aight. These cannot clean. They just never look good."


When asked about the many celebrities he's interviewed regarding fashion, Morman opined on his most and least stylish subjects, saying "I would say stylish is very subjective, so for me the celebrity who I like the way they dress the most has to probably be DJ Khaled. He is not at all like a fly person, but he does wear a lot of tracksuits. And I’m like, 'sweatsuit Speedy,' like I wear a lot of tracksuits and sweatsuits and he does have a great collection of tracksuits. The least stylish person I’ve ever interviewed, judging them based only on the outfit they wore while I was interviewing them, has to be President Barack Obama. Because he had on slacks, a button down, and some shoes. Which for him is great because we always see him in a suit, but compared to everyone else in terms of being fly, he was definitely the least fly person that I’ve ever interviewed."

Information originally sourced from Daily Orange.