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JewelPops Inc., the company responsible for the creation of the popular Kameleon jewelry brand has filed for bankruptcy in Canada on July 26th. 

“The changing retail landscape in both the jewelry and the gift sectors as well as rising costs in all areas of operations in our wholesale sector made it impossible to continue with the business model as it existed,”said the company in a note, hoping that their brands would be able to find a new retail home. “While the company has closed its doors, the brands are very much alive, and there are ongoing talks and negotiations with various interested parties to purchase them and continue to make these brands available.”

JewelPops Inc. was founded in 2007 by Robert and Allison Smith. The company became a smash with customers with their line of silver interchangeable jewelry called Kameleon. Other brands included Boudicca and the ICE 925 line. JewelPop was ranked as the fifth fastest-growing company in Canada by a magazine in 2012.