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Kelly Bello has made a name for herself in the jewelry industry with her namesake brand, Kelly Bello Design. The six-year-old business has had celebrity clients like Lucy Hale, Kris Jenner, and Carolina Soto. 

When asked in an interview with HOLA! USA if she had ever initially pictured herself in a jewelry career, she said, “Not quite. I always loved jewelry even as a little girl, but I went to design school not knowing what specifically I wanted to do, so I didn’t know at the outset that I’d end up going into the jewelry industry. I did, however, know that I wanted to start my own business and design under my own name. I also knew that I wanted to design in a space I loved, so I considered designing shoes, furniture, and other things. I figured out pretty quickly in exploring these options that getting started would be very cumbersome because of the size of these items, so storage would become a problem, especially in New York City where I lived (and still do). Then, it hit me…jewelry! I have loved jewelry all my life, my family has had some jewelry businesses, so I realized that’s what I had to pursue, not to mention storage of jewelry would be much more manageable since everything is so small.”


Bello was then asked to describe her customer base, saying they are “Elegant and understated. Our customers love our minimalistic yet elegant designs that make our jewelry everyday pieces, they love layering, and most importantly they love personalization and being able to make custom pieces that are unique to them. Our clients also recognize the value and quality of fine jewelry and know that it will last them a lifetime.”


“All of our pieces tell a story, especially all our custom pieces which is really the bread and butter of our brand," said Bello regarding the uniqueness of her pieces. "Each customer has a reason for making a specific design, whether it is their kids’ names, their mom’s birthstone, or a mantra they live by, they all tell a story and have real sentimental value. For designs that are not customizable, they all have a story of their own. When I started designing jewelry, I simply started making pieces for myself. I made pieces I loved that I would wear every day, and that’s what then inspired me to design beautiful everyday pieces for women that would make them feel beautiful, elegant, and give them confidence in their everyday lives.”

Information originally sourced from HOLA! USA.