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Here at, we're always intrigued by and searching through the archives of fine jewelry and it's history. And something that has always caught our eyes, because (YAY!), shiny things, is the ever glorious cocktail ring.
Large in size and scale, colorful like a rainbow fish, bright like a chandelier in the Hall of Mirrors of Versailles, the cocktail ring is an ever present and ever delightful thing to behold. From our platinum vintage Tiffany & Company Irid emerald to the even less subtle Piaget diamond cocktail ring in our vault, cocktail rings are not for the faint of heart. They garner attention at every angle, and that's on purpose!
The phrase "cocktail ring" lends itself to the days of Prohibition. when an illicit drink was a status symbol, and a blisteringly bright cocktail ring brought even more eyes to that gin and tonic. Thus, all ladies of the era who truly wanted to be noticed donned a shiny ring. So the next time your hesitating to make a statement with something too bold and blingy, let the cocktail be your guide and shine bright.