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Harris Botnick is the Co-Owner of Worthmore Jewelers, an Atlanta-based company with another store in Decatur. Recently, both stores have been reopened as Georgia's lockdown was lifted. In an interview with JCK, Botnick shares how he has been keeping up with all the goings-on, and how he handled the initial quarantine. Read about it below:

When asked about the experience of beginning to reopen the Worthmore stores, Botnnick said, "I feel that we had a very solid plan for reopening and have continued to learn more each day on what we can do even better. One thing I realized is, as a small business we are so much better qualified to control our environments than the big-box stores. We are in the store each day, watching, listening, and interacting with customers, so anything we see that needs to be improved on can be immediately addressed. We begin each day with temperature checks for each employee, then start on one side of the store as a team and completely disinfect all touchpoints. Areas that we quickly realized were not being done were things like the guard gates where you place your hands to slide them open or closed, the upper portions of the safe doors where you reset your hand to slowly close them."

"May has been extremely strong!" said Botnick regarding recent sales. "We were blessed to be able to reopen right before Mother’s Day, so that gave us a great jump start. We did have a few customers cancel engagement rings, but we have had far more move up their dates."

When asked about how the quarantine has affected him in a personal manner and how he copes with the stress, he said "For me, personally, after I accepted that this is out of my control, it was peaceful. Since the gym was closed down, I started jogging outside, and fortunately the weather in Georgia was very nice. I had the chance to take walks with my family and really reflect on how lucky our family is to be together and to get along so nicely."

Information originally sourced from JCK.