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Goldsmith and jewelry designer has recently donated a South Sea Pearl Necklace which is set in 18K Fairmined Gold. An online event by Pure Earth will be auction, and the collaboration is seen as a step forward in the discussion of responsibly resourced jewelry.

“Pure Earth is spearheading the pollution mitigation efforts around the world, whether it is removing mercury from the gold supply chain, or removing lead from materials used by artisanal artists.  It makes perfect sense to support Pure Earth, since they are leading the hands-on, community-oriented solutions to reduce pollution.  Their efforts have a direct impact on small-scale gold miners,” Christine Malle said regarding the reason for her donation to Pure Earth. “We in the jewelry industry must avoid polluting people and earth with mercury, and we may not exploit people along the jewelry supply chain. Can we truly call ourselves ‘responsible’ if we do not know where our materials are from, and if we do not know who benefits financially along the jewelry supply chain?  How can we know more about the precise origins of our precious metals and gemstones?  Traceability and transparency are two helpful places to start, as we work towards continual improvement.  I believe in the importance of beauty in the world, especially during times of hardship, and want to make sure that this beauty is not discordant in any way. Please ask all of your jewelers and makers where the gold, silver, and gemstones are from,” she concluded.

According to a statement by Pure Earth President, Richard Fuller, “Pollution knows no borders. When artisanal gold miners in Indonesia, Peru or Ghana use mercury to extract gold, they are not just poisoning themselves, their families, and their environment. Everyone is affected because mercury moves through the atmosphere, dropping into oceans and rivers worldwide. That is why pregnant women are often advised not to eat too much fish and sushi. Pollution is a global public health crisis, like the pandemic. We all must realize how interconnected our lives are and take steps to demand change.”

Pure Earth’s primary goal is one of environmental concern. Its work will hopefully lead to the reduction of disease-causing pollution, which is one of the leading causes of premature death and disease in the modern age.

Information originally sourced from Artfix Daily.