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Chloe Sevigny has been star of screen and runway since the 90's and sat down with Elle to discuss her career, as well as being named the it girl of the 90's.

When asked about the oldest H&M piece in her closet and which piece that is, Sevigny said, "Well, when Humberto (Leon) and Carol (Lim) did their Kenzo collaboration, I still have the blue dress I wore from that campaign, and a lot of stuff from them. Oh! I also have the Margiela stuff from 2012. Remember that? I feel like that collection really put H&M on a different level, because who can just call up Margiela, you know?"

Fast fashion is not known to last long. However, when Sevigny mentioned H&M pieces that were over a decade old and still in her collection, she was asked for tips on how to make the fashionable pieces last longer, to which she said, "First, you’ve got to hand-wash things and hang them dry whenever you can. I know it takes longer, and I know not everyone can make that kind of time. But if you can, and you have the patience available, you’ve got to do it. It’s cheaper than dry cleaning, anyway! And then think about your detergent. Because I have a small child, I’ve been using this fragrance-free wash from Seventh Generation on everything. And if you need to get a stain out from a piece—when I have to do that on my very old Miu Miu pieces they gave me when I modeled for them? I use OXYon those."

She made a mention that a lot of clothing she's owned have been gifts. In the spirit of giving, she was asked if there has been any fashion advice that has stuck out to her throughout the years. "You know, I just dug something out of storage. It’s a hand-knit cardigan sweater with my name sewn onto the front that Harmony Korine’s mother made for me. It’s so DIY and the care that went into it is pretty special. Patrick O’Dell photographed me in it [in 2005], but I’ve started wearing it again and it is still so good," said Sevigny.



Information originally sourced from Elle.