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The new year brings many new adventures onto the horizon. iMedia Brands are planning on launching two new brands this month onShopHQ®, its flagship television network. Alongside GreenMD Revolution Beauty with Dr. Jeffrey Lin, which is a show that boasts CBD-infused beauty products, iMedia is venturing into jewelry. 

January 20th will see the launch of a diamond and gem collection from Charlie Lapson Jewelry. Each of Charlie's pieces will consider an affordable approach to buying jewelry. According to a statement from CEO of iMedia Brands Tim Peterman in a public press release, “Dr. Lin and Charlie are absolute experts in their respective fields and I’m excited to offer their high-quality product assortments exclusively to our customers.” 

About Charlie Lapson Jewelry 

Charlie Lapson is recognized as an international award-winning designer for his jewelry, fashion and lifestyle product collections.  He has been defined by the Global press as an authority of style, while Entertainment Tonight has called him, “The Designer for the New Millennium” and TIME Magazine referred to him as, “One of the Hippest Designers in Los Angeles.”  His collections have been worn to multiple award shows and reality TV shows, such as The Bachelorette, and his most recent accomplishment will be styling the contestants during Miss Universe in December 2019.

About iMedia Brands, Inc.

iMedia Brands, Inc. (NASDAQ: IMBI) is a global interactive media company that manages a growing portfolio of niche, lifestyle television networks, and web service businesses, primarily in North America, for both English speaking and, soon, Spanish speaking audiences and customers.  Its brand portfolio spans multiple business models and product categories and includes ShopHQ, Bulldog Shopping Network, iMedia Web Services, and soon-to-be-launched LaVenta Shopping Network. Please visit for more information.

Shoppers can browse the collections on as well as find these events on ShopHQ. Customers can watch on satellite television, cable, their mobile app, as well as the Livestream on the company's website. As we go into the new year, surely there will be other great launches on the horizon. 

Information originally sourced from GlobeNewswire.