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 Since the Twenties, Chanel and the camellia flower have gone hand in hand. What prompted this eternal duet of elegance and nature?


Lily Rose Deep in Chanel camelia dress. Image getty.

We can look back to Gabrielle Chanel herself, who read Alexandre Dumas’ ‘La Dame aux Camélias’, a story in which the heroine always wore a white camellia, returning pure. Purity also weaved into the idea that wearing a camellia, which offered very little to no scent, was the perfect match to the signature NO. 5 Chanel perfume.  In Eastern cultures, it also signified longevity and the driving away of evil spirits.


Camelia motif seen on Naomi Watts. Image getty.

It's fitting, then, that the flower, which appears in everything from jewelry to shoes to haute couture, has truly stood the test of time. 

New to Fortrove, a stunning Chanel camelia watch from the Secret collection. The watch has been spotted on Kirsten Dunst and we're flabbergasted with it's fine craftsmanship.


Truly a work of art, this 18k white gold camellia features 178 diamonds with central diamond center of .15 carats. Even more stunning, the watch face is revealed when moving a layer of the camellia aside. It's wearable art in every way, blending the evening glamour of a bracelet with the functionality of it's "secret" watch face.



You can get the watch here.

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