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In an interview with Kristin Savilia, CEO of Joor, a global wholesale platform for the fashion industry, FashionUnitedUK asks about the company's qualifications and more.

When it came down to talking about how Joor selects brands to work with, Savilia stated, "We are looking for companies who see the value in digital transformation and want to replace paper line sheets. We want to encourage people to work collaboratively digitally and in real-time while placing final orders. By listening to the global fashion sector, we were able to introduce a range of tools ahead of the pandemic which helped our customers successfully maintain sales without physical showrooms.

"As a former buyer at Macy’s, I have the perspective of knowing how companies need a blank canvas to begin pulling the items they are interested in buying. We have a new program called ‘The Edit’, where you can create style-boards during the sales process which enables buyers to be more focused, visually build and curate assortments, and speed up the buying process."

Savilia was then asked what she thought was the next big thing for e-commerce, to which she said, "The fashion industry has a lot of things to think about, like sustainability. Brands also need to have better ways of tagging their data to improve the searchability of their product across collections. For example, if someone is looking for ripped white denim jeans with abrasions on the left knee, they would like to receive highly relevant results rather than having every ripped denim style pulled up on-screen. Proving authenticity is also very important. Luxury brands are quite interested in NFTs right now, as we need functionality which enables brands to prove product authenticity."



When asked why the massive shift of the fashion industry has led to over 150 countries connecting on the Joor platform, Savilia said, "The democratization of digital has been huge, along with the ability for everyone to show on Joor. We have partnered with a number of government bodies – from countries including Spain, Turkey and Japan – representing comparatively smaller fashion markets, to help provide global visibility to their brands. These brands have never had access to Neiman Marcus or Bergdorf Goodman before. Our platform is able to put these brands next to leading Italian and French brands, which the same buyers are looking for, causing a tremendous shift in the industry. These brands can finally be shopped without borders."

Information originally sourced from FashionUnitedUK.