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In an interview with V Magazine, BP Jewelry's Berna Peci talks of her meteoric rise in the jewelry industry, and having her work adorning the likes of Megan Thee Stallion, Kylie Jenner and more.

When asked if she went to school for jewelry, Peci said, "No, actually, I went to school for finance. So I wasn't even in any aspect of fashion. I just grew up with a foreign family and my mom and dad would always like to dress me up as a little kid. I was always like the outcast in school because my mom would dress me up in bright colors and things like that. So I was into fashion at a young age and my family actually sold jewelry in local malls where I live."

When asked about the process of growing her business off of Instagram, Peci said, "So I started an Instagram and I started selling to my local, and I will do pop up shops, and one of the girls here that has a shop she would have me come in and sell my jewelry there so like literally I would have people waiting outside the door because I'm in a small city so the things that I was offering is something that they couldn’t buy elsewhere. So I started off with that and then I started off with social media then I lived in LA for two years after high school. My cousin owns a big brand out there so I had all the connections and made friends out in LA. I sent items to like every influencer and that's how it started."

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Peci, when asked how she transitioned from the finance world to the fashion industry, said, "I went to school in LA and one day when I was sitting in class it just hit me that I knew I had more to offer and I was just not focused in class. I would be there, but I wasn't really there mentally. I was always really into fashion like people always DM me to like make outfits for them or whatever the case may be. So jewelry was the easiest way for me to get out of that because my family sold jewelry, but obviously different from what I was doing. I kept seeing all these girls on social media, making friends, making so much money and creating something for themselves and their families. So I was like why can't I do the same, and it kind of was just like me growing out of bad relationships and it just came naturally."

Information originally sourced from V Magazine.