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 Aaron Basha's work in luxury jewelry has been worn by celebrities like DJ Khaled, Eva Longoria, Demi Moore, Melanie Griffith, Heidi Klum, Celine Dion, and more. The NYC-based, family-owned business is having a pop-up at the Montauk Beach House on August 1st and 2nd.

"Aaron Basha's pieces have always been timeless and associated with luxury, sentimental moments and joy," said CEO Regine Basha, Aaron's daughter, in an interview with regarding the question of why Aaron Basha's pieces are so beloved by celebs. "For the customer who has it all, our pieces provide more than just another piece of jewelry, they elicit an emotion. Much of Aaron Basha's jewelry is symbolic at its core. From the baby shoes that symbolize motherhood, to the ladybugs that symbolize good luck, all the collections are meaningful.



When asked for the inspiration for the latest jewelry collection, Basha said, "The latest collection was inspired by humanity. The message of 'love above all' is prominent throughout. Our 'Love Is My Religion' necklace is based on the idea that regardless of your faith, we all believe and connect on love. Its power to unite and bring harmony is something worth worshiping."

"The evil eye amulet has been a long used talisman to ward off negativity," said Basha on the positive aspects of wearing the jewelry. "At a time when celebrations have been reimagined and we are all feeling so vulnerable, it's comforting to have a symbol of protection as a form of interconnectedness. If you believe something to be true then usually it manifests. Sometimes just the very thought of feeling protected and having faith can make all the difference. Energy radiates from everything, so my goal is to design jewelry that makes the wearer feel positive, and in turn, they will attract even more good vibes - we can all use that right now!"

When asked about the future of Aaron Basha during the pandemic, as well as what shoppers can expect at the pop-up, Basha said, "I say expect the unexpected! With so much uncertainty in the retail domain what you can be certain of is that Aaron Basha will continue to produce pieces that make you smile and feel something from your heart. My current styles will also be more casual as a direct reflection of people increasingly staying at home and living a more low-key lifestyle. We're so excited to be bringing our designs to the Hamptons for two days only! Our pop-up at Montauk Beach House will feature the top-selling pieces from our assortment of symbolic and sentimental fine jewelry. Expect to see many of this summer's top trends, such as layerable gold chains and stackable beaded bracelets - and of course, our evil eye and hamsa charms."

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