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With extraordinary clientele such as Beyoncé, and Karl Lagerfeld, it's no wonder why Nadine Ghosn has become one of the most celebrated jewelry designers of the modern age. In an interview with Coveteur, she discusses the start of her career and more.

When asked how she first got into jewelry design, Ghosn said, “It was during my time at Boston Consulting Group (BCG) that a long-term mentor of mine, the CEO of Hermès, invited me to join a prestigious two-year rotational program at Hermès, where only four participants explore different departments (handbags, scarves, jewelry, etc.) and positions to understand which management role they'd like to hold once they complete the program. It was at the fine-jewelry department where I discovered my love for crafting fine jewelry.

“During my time in Hermès' training program, I went to visit my family in Beirut, which boasts an incredible jewelry craftsmanship and gem industry. I was visiting my favorite jeweler, and he shared that many craftsmen who have been designing jewelry for at least three to four generations are starting to abandon the trade as demand for bespoke jewelry dwindles. I found this to be heartbreaking and became determined to find a way to support generations of craftsmen and know-how. I came up with the idea to pledge $20K worth of gold, which enabled him to retain two of his craftsmen, and in exchange, he would teach me the ins and outs of jewelry manufacturing.

“Once I completed the two-year program at Hermès, I was offered the position of Head Buyer of Fine Jewelry of the London stores; when I turned it down, I was recruited by Richemont. Nonetheless, following my trip to Beirut, I had this entrepreneurial itch to create my own jewelry line, and on my 25th birthday, I decided to take the plunge and go for it.

“With a budget of $3K, I set up the company's foundation by developing the brand vision, building a website, and designing the logo. Next, I designed my first jewelry line and released two collections—BARE collection, a more elegant, risk-averse line, and VIE, a more bold and forward-looking design aesthetic—to test what people gravitate more towards."

When asked to explain her design process, Ghosn said, “I like taking everyday objects (like hamburgers, pencils, headphones, etc.) and formulating innovative and avant-garde ways to bring them to life. After coming up with an idea, I tirelessly work with my manufacturers in either Italy, Thailand, Hong Kong, or Lebanon to test and bring them to fruition.

“A very large chunk of the business's budget is allocated to trial and error—I'm very meticulous and will experiment with the designs and test over and over again until it's perfect and meets the vision I have in mind.

“In terms of my collections, I release one collection per year, as it takes a lot of time to craft truly timeless jewels, where each piece in that collection speaks the same language and has a similar look and feel."

“I'm heavily inspired by a mixture of street and contemporary art and traveling to exotic, colorful places like Rio, Positano, or Singapore," said Ghosn about what inspires her jewelry lines. "Also, in order for me to feel energized and be at my best in terms of creativity, I love to exercise and spend time outdoors, read inspiring books, and spend time with my boyfriend."

Information originally sourced from Coveteur.