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Carrie Underwood returned to the stage in a moving performance at the Academy of Country Music Awards last week.

Underwood always shines with glistening stage outfits, and this performance was no exception as she performed in diamonds...and tears. Wearing a rhinestone-bedazzled fringe dress and silver Alaia heels, Underwood got very emotional, mascara running down her face.

Of course, we were a bit distracted by her stunning bracelet, a seventy-two carat diamond cuff by Dena Kemp.

The wide, slinky bracelet paired perfectly with her ensemble, and brought even more attention to her heart-wrenching performance.

The singer recently took a face-first fall at her home that required forty stitches and left her telling fans on Twitter that her "not quite looking the same".

This was her first public appearance and we're sure Underwood was nervous after months of recovery. But the star was the picture of perfection, aptly performing "Cry Pretty" and receiving an award for her duet, "Fighter" with Keith Urban. We're glad Carrie Underwood is back and look forward to more gorgeous, pitch perfect performances. The jewelry is just a bonus!