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Acts of selflessness are far more valuable during such trying times. Small business owner Tiffany Narbonne has been creating a new fashion accessory containing a message of hope during the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. Narbonne's jewelry store T. Jazelle is described as a retail shop with a "bohemian vibe" according to NBC New York. Located in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Narbonne's company has been creating jewelry since 2012, replete with semi-precious gemstones and inspirational phrases.

“With all that's going on in the world, I wanted to make something to help make a difference,” said Narbonne.

Her company's primary mission includes the spreading of positivity and happiness through their handmade jewelry pieces. She runs her operation out of a rustic barn from the 1800s. There are spiritual references within each piece of her work. Last month, Narbonne launched the relief bracelet. For every bracelet sold, Narbonne would donate $5 to the Coronavirus Relief Fund by GlobalGiving which is more than halfway to its $5,000,000 goal.

Narbonne's latest creative project comes from hearing from her friends working in healthcare.

"A few of my friends are nurses," she said. "My best friend from high school is actually at Mass General, and she is just so amazing. She now moved back home to Quincy to be alongside the COVID-19 patients. Every day I send her a text to check-in."

T. Jazelle has been working with over 600 independent retailers and has thoroughly established itself in the tristate area. Since New York is the epicenter of the Coronavirus, Narbonne is in constant communication with other local retailers.

“These stores are like family. Being able to touch base, we will do special videos for them, collaborate our social platforms, and try to bring some positivity to their customers,” says Narbonne.

The relief bracelet is comprised of blue quartzite which represents strength and achievement, while the grey agate symbolizes mystic healing properties. According to Narbonne, each bracelet will aid in connecting loved ones across the country.

“Strangers will contact us and share their story of why they bought one, and what it means to them," she says. "It’s either for someone they know facing the frontlines or personally fighting coronavirus."

Information originally sourced from NBC New York.