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In an interview with JCKonline vintage jewelry shop owner Wendy Wagner, who established her brand Sacred Order in 2014, talks of her time during the pandemic and how her business has changed.


"The pandemic has changed my life in many ways, but the most profound way has been my [shift in] perception of what is essential and truly important," said Wagner regarding how the pandemic has changed her life. "In the beginning, being at home and trying to get a multitude of tasks done (helping educate my child, cooking three meals a day, and working on my business) felt like a free-for-all with no structure. My mind didn’t know where to settle, and it was maddening. My scattershot approach with my attention made it so I couldn’t succeed at anything. I learned quickly that I needed to streamline, and I needed a schedule. It’s a constant learning and fine-tuning of discovering what’s important and what to let go. I already feel that this has made me a more efficient and effective business owner. Another major change that came with the pandemic is my ability to source antique jewelry, especially abroad. I have purchased things through photographs and Zoom calls, but it’s just not the same as holding something in my hands to assess its value to my brand and vision."

When asked about how the pandemic changed her way of conducting business, Wagner said, "I’ve recommitted to the importance of a solid, functional, and informative website. I’m working behind the scenes to make the process even smoother, and fully integrated with my social media platforms. What I can’t offer my customers in the way of in-person attention, I can offer in a seamless buying experience. I see this as one of the greatest forms of customer service I can provide."


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"Right now I’m working on a new collection that will be launching this fall. I’ve been diving deep into specific icons/symbols that I’ve found to be empowering and transformative in my own life," said Wagner about her priorities as a smaller retailer. The meaning of these symbols can be infinite and shift with the observer, but that’s where their magic lies. It just seems right for the time we’re in. I can’t wait to share this work!

"My next priority is to get back to sourcing antique and vintage jewelry in person. I miss these treasure hunts deeply. Connecting my customers with those special pieces that have been passed down through time is exhilarating and important. My final priority right now is to create more video content of the jewelry I’m featuring. Static images are beautiful, but people can get a better sense of an item with a moving clip. More to come on that…"

Information originally sourced from JCK.