In an interview with JCK, jewelry designer and retailer Lauren Wolf talks of her two brands, Esqueleto and Lauren Wolf Jewelry, as well as how both businesses have navigated the pandemic.

Wolf was asked about how business has been going, to which she said, "Business is great right now at Esqueleto, but I do feel that’s always subject to change with the unpredictability of the pandemic and its effects on the economy. We are forever thankful for our customers who keep coming back for more. Our Lauren Wolf Jewelry collection has been doing well too—our biggest outlet for our namesake collection is through Esqueleto, so if that business is doing well, then our namesake collection is doing well. We’ve naturally trended away from a large wholesale distribution, but still continue to work with our longtime wholesale partners and have continued to do so throughout the past year."


When asked how, as a California shop owner, Wolf has managed to stay afloat during the pandemic, she said, "They have been tough! All our shops are located either in New York City or California, some of the hardest hit areas, so it was difficult keeping the shops closed and knowing when and how to reopen. Luckily, we were well positioned with our online business, and we were able to continue to sell the work directly with our customer base through our online platform."

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When asked if the pandemic has changed anything regarding plans for her business, Wolf said, "I wouldn’t say that our overall plans for Esqueleto have changed, but we definitely took a moment to re-evaluate the business as a whole and think about how to best restructure everything once our shelter-in-place order was lifted. I think all small businesses will be forced to operate in a different way post-COVID-19."


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Wolf was then asked about what she thinks the reason is for the current uptick in jewelry sales. "Yes!" she said, "We have seen an uptick in fine jewelry sales, which has been great for us in the industry. Obviously, people are traveling less, eating out less, and staying home more often. I’m sure the home goods industry has seen a huge spike in sales as well. I think people still want to feel good even though they are mainly staying at home. Even a simple necklace or a great pair of earrings can really spice up a Zoom call! Jewelry is so personal to each wearer, but even having the consistency and reliability of that special piece or pieces of jewelry can make each day a little brighter for the wearer."

Information originally sourced from JCK.

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