Brooklyn, N.Y.-based jewelry designer Johnny Nelson has been doing his best to weather the COVID-19 pandemic. Founder of Johnny Nelson jewelry, he sat down in an interview with JCK to talk about how he and his business are faring.

When asked by JCK where he's based, if he's still in quarantine and who he's spending the time with, Nelson responded, "I’m based in Bed-Stuy [Bedford–Stuyvesant], Brooklyn. I’m quarantined with myself."


Nelson was then asked if he's been heading outside more since New York City has been slowly reopening, to which he responded, "Yes, I’ve been getting out more. Mostly for work, though. I go to the Diamond District to pick up my castings from City Castings (shout-out to Sherlly). I also hit the local parks to work out everyday. I marched along with my people in a couple of protests. I ride my fixed gear bike everywhere I go. I’m kind of skeptical about the train situations, and I like the cardio. I also attend the Black Lives Matter meditations that are being held in local parks throughout Brooklyn. My friend, streetwear legend April Walker, put me onto that. Health is wealth."


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When asked to describe his current work situation in the midst of a pandemic, Nelson said, "Work life in quarantine consists of me always researching. I actually have been brushing up on a couple of CAD programs. Quarantine has given me more time to learn, study, and practice. After I wake up and I’m done with my morning meditation and work out, I’ll probably be at my bench until around 1 p.m. polishing up some pieces, putting some new, lit adornments together, or coming up with designs. Then I’ll ride my bike 10 miles to the Diamond District to pick up castings and source."

"A couple of projects fell through, but God’s plan is bigger for me. I’m accepting the now, whilst learning and growing through the process," said Nelson on how the pandemic has affected his 2020 plans.

When asked how he finds any form of relaxation during these trying times, he said, "I work out, practice yoga, and meditate every day. Actually, a fellow jeweler friend, Aziza Handcrafted, put on the Deepak Chopra 21 Days of Abundance meditation. That was dope. I suggest guided visualizations for anyone that may want to start meditation but feel it’s 'too hard.'"

Information originally sourced from JCK.

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