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Jewelry as a craft has been expanding for years into different methods of interpretation. One such method is the combination of different mediums such as glass and maneuverable parts of twirling pieces. Aur Jewelry boasts a new Kinetic collection that is a stellar example of such innovation of design.

When owner Bianca Abreu was asked by JCK about the inspirations for her latest collection, she said, the Kinetic collection is inspired by simple machines! I knew I wanted to make work that moved, but I never realized how much gravity would play an integral role in this collection until construction. I also think that since I studied amusement park rides while making these pieces, there may have been a bit of influence coming from there as well."


"The material is so versatile, and I knew I had to work with it in this way once I found the color-changing glass—on accident might I add!" said Abreu regarding the materials she enjoys working with. "I was searching for some opaque glass while shopping one day when I pulled out the wrong rod (the glass I buy comes in rods, then I make each glass orb or cabochon over a 2,000-degree flame). It changed right before my eyes and it was so magical, I knew I had to find a way to share it. Every piece on my site changes color in fluorescent lighting, and watching every pair and pendant I make changing color throughout the day is so captivating. I’m obsessed, and I hope my customers are too. I absolutely can’t wait to combine the glass with natural gemstones in the near future," said the owner when asked if she plans to work with gems.


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The jewelry itself also shifts in color, to which Abreu explains that, "Although I get a lot of jokes about my work reminding people of mood rings, my work changes color in fluorescent lighting, no body heat needed! There are four “shifts” as I call them, and each has a distinct glow in different lighting. There is the lavender glass that shifts to pale blue, green glass that turns gray, yellow glass that turns pink, and aqua glass that turns dark purple. I think the Kinetic collection highlights the full spectrum of the glass on a broader scale. I love showing off all the color shifts at once, and incorporating a multicolor vibe into the collection was so much fun."

Information originally sourced from JCK.