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In an interview with Complex, Soull from popular jewelry brand L'Enchanteur discusses her work with artists and celebrities like Jay-Z, Lauryn Hill and Erykah Badhu.

When asked about the God Body ring that L'Enchanteur made for Jay-Z to wear on the "Sorry Not Sorry" music video, Soull said, "The stone is called morganite. It’s a type of stone in the sapphire family or ruby family or whatever. They’re like distant cousins. And that’s what makes it valuable. It’s about as valuable as a sapphire or an emerald. An emerald or sapphire that size would be a crazy cost, but that morganite stone is still crazy for what it is. It’s not quite like a quartz, which would be in the amethyst family or the rose quartz or whatever. It’s not a rose quartz, it’s a morganite and that’s what makes it look like that salmon-y color. We worked with June Ambrose on that."

"It is one of the most beautiful experiences we’ve ever had so far," said Soull when asked about working with her first celebrity client, Lauryn Hill. "Because she was just so… I can’t explain it. We do custom stuff for her and she picks out already-made pieces. She just respects our art. And it’s a full-circle thing because she’s one of our muses. Dynasty made a headwrap for her, which she wore in her Woolrich campaign.  And that was also cool because Woolrich wanted her to just wear their stuff, and she was like, 'No I need to wear this.'"

When asked about the company's work with Erykah Badhu, Soull said, "Erykah is her own stylist, but she works with a stylist named Diamond Mahone Bailey, and she said Erykah was coming to the city and wants to pull some stuff. It was for a live show. But Erykah really allows us to tap into our real fantasy. Lauryn totally sparked that as well, but Erykah is fantasy design and it’s such a privilege to work with both of them. Erykah’s really going to push you beyond. If you’re going to make a ring, it’s going to be fantastical. And that’s actually how our extra long du-rags came into play because we were like, 'Oh, we want to do something real unique for Ms. Badu. We want to do something that’s a du-rag, but like a Badu-rag.' So that happened, and then she wound up purchasing the pieces that she had pulled. We made her a long yellow denim du-rag with one of our characters, which is called the lucasso."

Information originally sourced from Complex.