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Brooklyn-based fashion designer Christopher John Rogers sat down with Wallpaper* at his home to discuss his career and upcoming projects. 

When asked to describe his current career trajectory, Rogers said, “I’m currently working from my desk, which I think I got from We haven’t fully designed our office yet as we’ve been so busy doing other things, but I thought this desk was clean and sharp while still being declarative. I’m currently looking at white foam core boards in front of my office windows as we’re working on the new collection and listening to Doja Cat in the background playing from speakers over yonder.”


When asked what neighborhood he lives in, Rogers said, “I live in Bushwick, actually! I’m between two above-ground trains, so it’s pretty industrial where I live, but still kind of neighborhood-y. It’s cute when it gets warmer out and you can see people sitting on the sidewalk in lawn chairs, or on their stoops, or fire hydrants spraying water with kids playing around.” 

A vase of tulips in home of Christopher John Rogers

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When asked to describe his collaboration with Orior, how it came about, and his favorite piece from the collection, Rogers said, “Well, I went to university with a few of the folks that work at Orior, so we already have a familiarity with each other that made the idea of collaborating all the more appealing. I admire the attention to craft and quality that permeates the Orior brand, along with a modern sense of humor in the pieces. I’ve always longed to develop work in a space outside of fashion, and this seemed like a perfect fit. I think my favorite piece would have to be the gradient dot printed ‘Lia’ chair.” 

When asked to elaborate on his style of working, Rogers explained, “I’m definitely more intuitive, but I like to plan things out as well in order to keep myself on track. I can have procrastinating tendencies, so I need to have my calendar very well organized and certain boundaries set in order for me to be my most creative and productive. I used to be much less collaborative in my working style but have learned to be more open in my practice, as I have many different things to do now in my day-to-day and I can’t do everything myself. I don’t think anyone can!” 

Information originally sourced from Wallpaper*