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Recently, Helzberg Diamonds had announced a partnership with British designer Jenny Packham. The collaboration will yield the first colorless lab-grown collection within the jewelry industry. Packham is known as the Royal Family's go to designer, as well as many other celebrities.

We are thrilled to partner with Jenny Packham to bring her unique style to Helzberg using the rare and colorless lab-grown diamonds that are at the heart of the collection’s bridal jewelry designs,” said senior vice president and chief merchandise officer for Helzberg Diamonds, Julie Yoakum. “The Jenny Packham Collection marries her distinctive and elevated style with Helzberg Diamonds’ industry-leading quality and craftsmanship. The collection is breathtaking with bridal settings that you simply won’t find anywhere else.”


“It is well known that I am attracted to sparkle - my dresses are designed to create excitement as they catch the light and dazzle,” said Jenny Packham. “So, when Helzberg asked me to design a collection of beautiful and colorless lab-grown diamond engagement rings and wedding bands, of course I said, ‘Yes!’ My new jewelry designs, created from these incredible and colorless lab-grown diamonds, are inspired by my love of the legendary stars of the Silver Screen, the ethereal icons of the 1930s, their timeless glamour, and yet the rings look so effortlessly modern.”


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As Valentine's Day approaches, engagements will definitely be on the rise. This collaboration couldn't have arrived at a better time. “Most couples are on a wedding budget. We’ve seen a large increase in customers asking for lab-grown diamonds as you can often get a larger stone for less money. For those who are uncertain of lab-grown diamonds, consider this analogy: there are roses that grow in the ground and roses that grow in a greenhouse. Both are beautiful and have similar qualities, they are just grown in different ways. The same is true for lab-grown diamonds. Some diamonds are grown in the ground while others are grown in a lab. We hold our lab-grown diamonds to the same high-quality standards as our natural diamonds,” said Yoakum.

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Information originally sourced from BusinessWire.