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In an interview with WMagazine, Marfa Stance designer Georgia Dant talks of the start of her appreciation for fashion and more.

When asked about her first significant purchase in the realm of fashion, Dant said, "Those Prada shoes. I’ve always worn quite a lot of vintage, and I always gravitate toward vintage menswear. It’s been the anchor of my wardrobe. I’ve never been into designer labels per se, but ever since I purchased those first Prada shoes, I’ve always invested in footwear. Whereas for me, I can never really find the ultimate piece of clothing. I’ve always been looking for something versatile or seasonless, but it’s hard to find that; that’s why vintage is always such an amazing thing, particularly men’s vintage. Military clothing, for instance, is so functional but also carries with it such a look. I love that androgynous feeling, but paired with this Prada shoe. They’re so comfortable and I still wear them now, even though they’re ragging out a bit."

"I’m pretty classic—I tend to wear the same thing all the time," said Dant about her usual outfit throughout the day. "My weekend wear would be high-waisted trousers, a sweater or a T-shirt. Nothing crazy, and usually in a timeless color. Then, of course, a Marfa Stance coat."

"The best fashion advice inspired my whole outlook on product worth," said Dant, reiterating the best fashion advice she had gotten. "It was from Claire Richardson, a stylist I worked with when I was in New York. She said, “Always wear something that will never date—something that is always versatile and that you can easily wear over and over again in different ways.” It’s not particularly profound but very insightful. It was probably 10 years ago and it’s something that I still carry with me. It inspired how I design because I totally agree with that: something that’s versatile, timeless, something that can be layered or changed, throughout seasons or throughout eras. There’s something quite modern about thought process."

When asked who her fashion icon is, Dant replied, "I have many, but I really do love Lauren Hutton’s style. She looks so comfortable with herself. Her style is quite masculine and the proportions I really love. And of course, Jane Birkin; it’s those kinds of women who have the best style, because they wear things that express themselves. That’s something that inspires me."

Information originally sourced from WMagazine.