In an interview with The List, Married to Medicine star Anila Sajja talks about her favorite shows to watch on her network (Bravo), as well as her makeup and fashion style.

When it came to describing her unique fashion style, Sajja said, "I'm really on-trend. Anything that's in — that's in style — I'm all about it. You can see me dressing in all types of ways, [from] even work attire to going out to the club. If it's in and it's trending, I'm all about it. I have that side. There's a couple brands that I love to wear — Balenciaga is one, Fendi. You'll see me wearing a lot of the labels, too. I was born loving fashion. Anything that's trending, that's my thing. You can tell from the show that I'm really into color. I like bright, bold colors — statement colors. That's my thing."

When asked what other Bravo shows she watches, Sajja said, "Obviously, 'Real Housewives of Atlanta,' especially because I've met a lot of the girls. I'm excited to also see them. I watch that. I watched bits and pieces of '[The Real Housewives of] Potomac.' I used to watch 'Vanderpump' a lot. I was obsessed with that. Let's see — what else? Some of the 'Below Deck' I'll watch. I always have it on in the background, so I'll always ... "[The Real Housewives of] Dubai" I've been watching a little bit too."


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When asked to describe what makeup products she uses everyday, Sajja said, "Yes. Oh, my God, there's so many. Tarte is my favorite concealer. I love Tarte. I do wear MAC foundation still. I've been wearing MAC foundation forever now. But as a South Asian Indian, it's always been tough growing up to find that color match for my skin tone. MAC has always nailed it in terms of that color, finding that right shade, so I wear that foundation. NARS has good blush. I love NARS blush. Those would be my favorite. What else ... ? Lipsticks — I try lots of different lipsticks. I will try out different brands for lipstick, but MAC is definitely who I go to and ... I also like Fenty. I love her for her contour. She has the best contour stick ever. I'll definitely recommend that, then Tarte for the concealer. I always have to have that good coverup under the eyes, and Tarte always does a good job."

Information originally sourced from The List.


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