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An announcement by Bond Street Auctions today has revealed that they will be featuring some exclusive high-end inventory from luxury jewelry collections. 50 rare pieces from a well-known jewelry designer in Hong Kong will be presented by the premier auction house. 

According to a statement by Auctioneer Adam Levinsohn, “We’re absolutely delighted with this partnership, which will allow our clients to access some exclusive pieces at very attractive prices. While we cannot yet disclose the identity of the designer, we’re hoping to announce more information together with details about this stunning collection to our exclusive network of clients very soon." 

“These are usually released at celebrity red carpet events, big-city fashion weeks, and high-end jewelry stores before Christmas," he continued. "So, we’re excited to add these elegant and stylishly designed pieces to our inventory of estate jewelry and fine art. And they will be presented to our clients starting at 10% of their retail price. This will provide a rare opportunity to own luxury designer jewelry pieces at an affordable price. Bond Street will also authenticate them for quality and issue certifications of appraisals for added peace of mind of our buyers.”

The exclusive jewelry collection will be featuring a 13.43 CTS Royal Blue Sapphire valued at $320,000. Another included piece is a diamond ring that will be starting at a $32,000 bid. A 2.75 CTS Diamond Ring that is valued at $420,000 will also be on the stand. The ring itself has a 7.46 CTS Pinkish Ruby and a $350,000 Pear Shaped 5.14 CTS Flawless Diamond, each with respective starting bids of $42,000 and $35,000.

“Especially after the limitations posed by COVID-19, many designers and artists have chosen us to help take their products to our exclusive network of high-end buyers. This is mainly because we provide them with a hassle-free experience by taking over the entire selling process, from advertising and promotions to insurance and logistics,” explained Levinsohn. “We’re truly honored that they have trusted us with their masterpieces and we work towards continuously expanding our services to make their lives easier.”

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