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In an interview with Marie Claire, body positivity advocate Alex Light talks of inclusivity in fashion and her recent collaboration with the lingerie brand, womanhood.

When asked how the media industry has changed, Light said, "I think there have been huge steps towards inclusivity and diversity in the media – but we still have a long way to go! Currently, many of the ‘plus-size’ women who are being used for campaigns to show diversity are not actually above a UK size 14, and have hourglass figures with flat stomachs and no cellulite, while fatter bodies are still marginalized and not shown. And we only have freedom if we have freedom for ALL shapes and sizes! My relationship with the media has been interesting – as a magazine journalist for 10 years and writing often about celebrity bodies, I definitely contributed to perpetuating diet culture and have really struggled to make peace with that."

Light was asked about the biggest misconceptions around lingerie, to which she said, "I think it’s really important to note that fancy lingerie should be accessible for more than just one kind of body. Everyone, no matter their shape or size, should be able to get their hands on really beautiful lingerie and not have to resort to plain bras and knickers that are designed to simply cover up and minimize. We should be able to celebrate our bodies in whatever feels and looks good to us."

When asked regarding the fashion industry being more authentically inclusive, Light said, "I think it’s really important for brands and the media to truly understand why diversity is so important, therefore why it’s imperative that we make the fashion industry an inclusive space and stop causing harm to those marginalized. That way, they will genuinely be on board with the change and striving to make as much genuine change as possible – that includes behind the scenes as well and within the companies themselves. Everyone wears clothes, so everyone should feel represented by the fashion industry."

When asked about certain lessons about style she has learned, Light said, "That it’s OK to like what you like and stick with it. I always felt like I had to be trying out different trends and trying to switch up my wardrobe to make it more interesting but I think there’s no harm in sticking to good basics that you feel good wearing. For me, it’s all about comfort. That goes for lingerie, too."

Information originally sourced from Marie Claire.