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COVID-19 has many businesses looking for alternative strategies for survival during such a trying time. Carrie Lish is the owner of Blu Rayne Bridal Boutique. Her latest idea of a virtual wedding dress boutique will give soon-to-be brides a chance to get excited about their special day. 

“The one thing I cannot stress enough is how much we love what we do, and that is helping our brides and letting them know that this is their time and they deserve all great moments, even if they are not what they expected them to be,” says Lish. 

Blu Rayne opened in January 2017 with an inventory of bridal gowns, veils, and tons of jewelry and fashionable dresses for every member of the wedding party. Prices range from $30 in the jewelry department to $3,000 for specific gowns with alterations available.

“During the recent atmosphere, our boutique wanted to help our brides adjust to the new normal while maintaining a safe and healthy environment to do so,” Lish.

After a process of conversing with staff, the bride-to-be can view their clothing options on a mannequin.

“Then comes the best option,” Lish says, “at home try-on.” The bride can pick up to five gowns to try out at their home. “We also throw in a veil so they can feel like a bride at home during the try-on session. The at-home try-on lets our brides not only get the chance to shop, but in their home, they can have their special guests around them.” Think, “Say Yes to the Dress.”

“Another bride got incredibly creative and had her try-on session in her backyard, with grandma and grandpa in attendance along with her friends from around the country on a Zoom call,” Lish notes. “We believe bridal shopping should be stress-free, relaxing and above all else fun.” Even when stores that were temporarily closed can fully open again, Lish says the Blu Rayne virtual shopping and at-home experiences may continue. “If our brides have family members they do not feel would be able to go out, they can host their own private dress shopping at home.”

Information originally sourced from Newsday.