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Russian miner, Alrosa will be supplying New York with a ton of big diamonds, putting them up on the auctioning block. 81 diamond “specials” of more than 10.8 carats. each have been featured as well as 20 fancy light-yellow stones since the start of the sale on September 17th. This will be the second New York-based auction that Alrosa has hosted in 2018 after reopening this spring, recovering from their main US office shutting down in 2016. 

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a transparent, yellowish 98 ct. diamond with and a stone at around 108.34 carats, discovered at the Yubileinaya pipe in Yakutia, are two of the biggest diamonds on sale. Director of the Alrosa United Selling Organization, Evgeny Agureev, said in a statement to JCK that the auction is taking place in New York because “the United States is the country with the highest demand for diamond jewelry, so it is very important for us to develop sales here.” The sale will continue until October 9th.