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 During an event on October 2nd, press and influencers gathered to have a look at the newest leggings from the athleisure brand, Beyond Yoga. The leggings were revealed as well as a brand new jewelry line by designer Maya Brenner, who released her work in tandem with Beyond Yoga's.


“We’ve been longtime friends of the Beyond Yoga brand and loved this fun project,” said Brenner when she issued a prepared statement. “Personalization is a big part of my brand, so I was immediately drawn to the Zodiac collection. It gave me such great inspiration to design the jewelry collection around.”


The pieces are modestly priced, complete with gold vermeil or silver and moonstones embellishing their designs. They are meant to bring a metaphysical vibe for customers with an affinity for staying fit as well.


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Both companies are based in LA, and their reveal during the New York event replicated one of the west coast's tarot-card reading salons complete with neon signs and a limited-time “astrology hotline” that provides customers with a discount code.