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Fine jewelry company, Bee Goddess, arrives stateside after a successful start at some top European department stores, including Harrods and Harvey Nichols. Although the company has been around for eleven years, the first U.S. store is a brand new development. The store, located in Palm Beach, Florida, is their first stand-alone shop in the U.S. In the past year, the brand hit U.S. shores when appearing in Maxfield and the Martyn Lawrence Bullard atelier in Los Angeles.

And the stylings of Bee Goddess go perfectly with the balmy locale of Palm Beach and the aspirational residents. The cool brand features three themes, all in the vein of self-actualization and empowerment. Those themes are Awakening, Enlightment and Connection.

The designs are an exploration of the feminine heroine, rising and meeting the challenges of personal journey and discovery. And the brand has sixteen collections, with various symbols to hone specific powers within. The Artemis Necklace, for example, focuses on the powers of independence, grace and fertility.


Artemis necklace, photo courtesy of


The Tanit necklace sets alight feelings of passion, love and beauty. The creator, Ece Sirin, said in a statement that: "...Talismanic symbols are a compass for the journey toward divine essence. They carry clues to our inner forces...."


Tanit Necklace, photo courtesy of

We're always looking to connect to our inner Wonder Woman and Superman, so bring it on, Bee Goddess!